AC G1000

Benefits Specific to Commercial Aviation Diploma Program              

  • Program is on Air Canada's Preferred list
  • Access to the Jazz Aviation Pathways Program for finanacial awards and hiring
  • Access to the Destination Porter Award Program for Mentorship and Preferred Hiring
  • Access to the WestJet Flightpath Program for Preferred Hiring
  • Potential Instructor Opportunities at SIFC and Pilot Positions at Carson Air for Graduates
  • College accredited program
  • Business-backed diploma, allows laddering into the BBA Degree
  • Structured Scheduling of all ground school and flight/simulator training
  • 2 year program following a professional syllabus that has been consistently upgraded and perfected over 20 years
  • Unlimited use of simulator for practice
  • Multiple guest speakers from the industry, including subject matter expects from various disciplines in the industry
  • 220 hours of ground school
  • Program preferred by airline and corporate employers
  • INRAT/IATRA exams and ATPL preparation included
  • Underwater egress training included
  • First aid, WHMIS, Dangerous Goods training included
  • Airline Sponsored FMS (Flight Management System) Training
  • Airline Sponsored CRM (Crew Resource Management) Training
  • 3 day outdoor survival training included
  • Build time isincluded for the CPL licence to reach 200 flight hours
  • Simulates first two years of aviation employment
  • Covers CPL, Multi, Multi-IFR, IATRA, ATPL and Dispatcher training (Dispatch Exam optional)
  • Qualifies for Student Aid BC and Canada Student Loan programs
  • Financial Awards to Apply for Through Okanagan College once in attendance

Benefits Specific to Self-Paced Program (CPL/Multi/IFR)

  • Flexible flight/simulator booking times
  • Evening ground school classes for CPL, self-study for other programs
  • Flexible, Pay-as-you-Go fee structure (No lump tuition required for the flight/simulator portion)
  • Typical time to completion ranges from 6 - 18 months depending on Ratings Selected
  • Can commence training any day of the year
  • No business courses