The Commercial Pilot Licence builds on the knowledge you have learned in your Private Pilot training, and allows you to fly for hire or reward (pay) while you work as a pilot. The Commercial Pilot Licence is also a prerequisite of the Flight Instructor Rating.


Our self-paced Commercial Pilot Licence program allows you to attend our evening ground school classes and you can fit the flight and simulator training to your own schedule.


Our Commercial Aviation Diploma program combines the CPL, Multi, IFR and prepares you for additional exams required by larger air operations.

NOTE: Benefits of each of the two Commercial Program options are given HERE.



For the self-paced program, you can start at any time as evening ground school runs in continuous rotations. Even if you have completed your licence, you can still attend ground school classes for up to a year to refresh your skills. The classes are small in size, maximizing instruction and time spent with each student.

The Commercial Aviation Diploma program has start dates in January and September of each year.


The basic Commercial Pilot Licence is valid for flight in single engine aircraft during day, night, VFR and VFR-Over the Top conditions. You can take as many people as the aircraft can safely hold. A Multi-Engine Rating, Seaplane Rating and Instrument Rating can all be added to a Commercial Licence.


Medical Category 1
Licence Private Pilot Licence
Age 17 years to start
18 years old to hold the actual Commercial Pilot Licence upon completion

You can start your training before completing your medical, but we suggest you do the medical first to make sure there are no issues that would preclude you from holding the Commercial Pilot licence once you are done.


Total Flight Time: 200 hours, including:
100 hrs PIC (20 hrs cross-country), and
65 hrs CPL training after the issue of a PPL, including:
35 hrs Dual (5 hrs night, 5 hrs cross country with 2 hours at night, 20 hrs instrument)
30 hrs Solo (5 hrs night with 10 circuits and landings, 300 NM cross-country)
Flight Test Commercial Pilot Licence Flight Test
Ground School 80 hours
Written Exam 60% Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane (CPAER)

Expanded explanations of the CPL prerequisites and training requirements can be found at the Transport Canada web site Here.

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* PTIB Approval not required.